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Long distance lightning detection for home, office, car, truck, or boat.

LD-250 plots lightning strikes up to 300 miles (480km) away and displays them on your desktop or laptop computer.

LD-250 Lightning Detector

LD-250 Front View


Long Range detection
Designed for mobile use in a moving vehicle with a GPS or Compass connected
Track Storm Movement
User set alarms for close storm or severe storm alerts
Portable and can be connected to Desktop or Laptop USB or Serial COM port
Display software is compatible with all current Windows operating systems


The LD-250 puts a live-action lightning display on your computer screen, showing storm activity up to 300 miles in all directions from your location so you can track position, speed, and direction. With optional GPS or Fluxgate compass, you can use the LD-250 to chase or avoid the storm in your car, truck, or boat.

A self contained device, the LD-250 is constantly seeking lightning strikes even if the computer is turned off. An audible alarm and blinking light will alert you to turn the computer on and receive full data whenever strikes are detected. Front panel lights and audible alarms also indicate when storms are close, severe, or both, according to standards determined by the user. Your computer can be set to sound an alarm or show a pop-up window to indicate close or severe storms. Alarm tones can be disabled.

LD-250 data is live! You are actually detecting the lightning strikes themselves. There are no on-line or recurring charges of any kind.

The LD-250's antenna is a small black box that can be mounted indoors in a wood framed structure, outdoors using the optional ENC-1 outdoor enclosure or on your vehicle using the ENC-2 mag-mount enclosure.

Parts Included

LD-250 Receiver
Lightning Antenna
50 feet (15m) of Antenna Cable (Cat6 Direct Burial)
120V/220V AC Power Supply
12VDC Automobile Power Cord
USB-RS232 Adapter Cable
DB9 Serial Cable
GPS/Compass Connector to Pigtail Cable
NexStorm-Lite Lightning Display Software
User Manual


Select Power Supply
Cable Length
Mounting Hardware (Optional)

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