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The Boltek BGW312 Ethernet Serial Server allows an EFM-100 and/or LD-250 to be remotely located any distance from the display computer using Ethernet to relay the data. Adding a long-range Wi-Fi Ethernet bridge also makes wireless operation possible up to several miles.

BGW312 Ethernet Serial Server

BGW312 Front View


The included Windows device driver creates a virtual COM port(s) on your PC.
LD-250 and/or EFM-100 data flows over Ethernet as if it was connected directly to your PC.


The BGW312's COM1 connector has been optimized for the EFM-100's EFA-10 fiber optic adapter, providing sufficient port power for the adapter. The COM2 connector is available to connect to the LD-250.

Parts Included

BGW312 Dual Port Serial Server
120V/220V Power Supply
Pig Tailed power connector for custom installations
2 DIN rail clips
CDROM with Virtual COM port software and configuration utility
Quick start guide



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